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Curtis Beloy PE investigates vehicle crashes and mechanical defects involving all types of vehicles- cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, bicycles, off-highway vehicles, and electric mobility equipment. He identifies details in physical evidence, reconstructs accidents, studies vehicle designs, creates tests to collect objective data, and produces demonstrative videos and animations to explain what he learns to others.

Curtis is a lifelong motorcyclist and powersports enthusiast and his engineering career spans two decades of product development, crash analysis, and vehicle testing. He has traveled internationally to develop products for vehicle manufacturers, speak at conferences, and test vehicles in extreme conditions. His most memorable assignment involved testing ATVs on a week-long trek across the mountains and jungle of Bolivia. His engineering work benefits from hands-on knowledge gained through his extensive travels, 25 years of competitive motorcycle racing, and his hobby of vehicle repair and restoration.




Consulting areas:

Crash Reconstruction Engineering

Defect/ Failure Analysis

Motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, PWC design analysis




His credentials include an advanced degree in mechanical engineering, Professional Engineering licensure, and board-certification in Forensic Engineering from the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards. He has been a consultant to the legal industry since 2008 and is an experienced instructor and expert witness.

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