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Professional Bio

Curt is a licensed professional engineer who is skilled at reconstructing vehicle crashes and evaluating product failures. He has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Minnesota State University and began his engineering career as a product test engineer in the motorcycle industry. He entered the forensic engineering field in 2008 at DJS Associates in Philadelphia, PA. Since then, he has continuously investigated and reconstructed crash events and mechanical failures involving all types of vehicles and served as an expert witness at trial. He regularly visits crash sites, inspects damaged vehicles, interprets physical evidence and electronic crash data, analyzes dash camera and surveillance video footage, conducts testing, and demonstrates opinions with descriptive images and animations.

Curt is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and has invaluable experience that he brings to engineering projects involving motorcycles. He has raced motorcycles competitively for over 25 years and has direct experience with motorcycle responses to collisions, mechanical failures, and traction limits. He has advanced operation skills for conducting repeatable tests, extensive experience servicing and traveling on motorcycles, and has worked various roles in the motorcycle industry. His career path led to Madison, Wisconsin in 2015 to mentor under Kris Kubly at Safety Engineering Associates where he advanced his knowledge of vehicle dynamics and vehicle design. He worked on a team of engineers and technicians that reconstructed crash events and performed full-scale vehicle testing to evaluate vehicle performance and defect claims on motorcycles and ATVs. His projects have included evaluation of brake and throttle failures, engine failures, vehicle stability and maneuverability, suspension and steering design, electronic systems, rider actions, dealership service, and racetrack operation.

Curt first became interested in forensic engineering during a machine design course in college. He enjoys this work and approaches each project as an opportunity to learn something new. He is a member of several professional societies where he continues his education and keeps current of industry practices.

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